Michael E. Gerber: The Difference Between Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

“The entrepreneurial leader is the one with the vision, the one with the dream, the one with the purpose, the one with the mission.” – Michael E. Gerber

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So many small businesses stay small. Not every entrepreneur wants to own a multi-million dollar company, but why is it that so many companies that really want to expand don’t make it?

I’ve got a very special episode for you with Michael Gerber–the legend, the myth, the author of the E-Myth. Michael’s getting into the difference between a business owner and a true entrepreneur, and why only the individual with the entrepreneurial mindset will have the vision to turn their idea into millions.  He’s sharing why true growth comes from thinking beyond the next level into an idea that’s bigger than life.

This is a really special opportunity to hear from a true expert, and you don’t want to skip this episode.

“A great company is a visual company, an emotional company, a functional company, and a financial company.” – Michael E. Gerber

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  • The people who go start their own business often aren’t entrepreneurs, they’re “technicians” who want to be their own boss.
  • True growth and change comes from an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Don’t just be busy, busy, busy doing the same job over and over again without thinking about growth.
  • Business begins to become a practice when the founder has to keep hiring people who are already experts and keep repeating the same process.
  • For most small businesses, growth just feels like more work.
  • True entrepreneurs and leaders have great big visions they want to make a reality.
  • A coach will help you get ready for the next big move, the big idea.
  • The right coach is someone who has come from a higher place than you and will not pander to you.
  • Don’t think about the next level. Pursue the impossible with everything you have.
  • Have an idea that’s bigger than life and the passion to pursue it with everything you have.

“A coach helps you transcend yourself if you’re ever going to transform yourself.” – Michael E. Gerber

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Michael Gerber’s Website: http://michaelegerbercompanies.com/web/

The E-Myth: https://emyth.com/