Forbes Riley: Know What You Really Want

You need to understand what you want.

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It’s not over until it’s over. 

Although this new world can feel scary and uncomfortable, it is imperative to remember that times will always be changing. Life is always different. 

Now can be just as amazing as any other time if you just decide on what you want and truly – I mean truly – go after it. A lot of people only know what they don’t want versus what they do. But when you focus on what you don’t want, it winds up being more of what you get.

It is time to give yourself permission to do whatever it is that you want. You don’t need permission from anything but yourself. Look at yourself every day and fill in the blanks of what it is you want and then go after it. The universe will challenge you. It will challenge how badly you want it. But those who succeed are the ones who prove that they want it more than others.

To inspire us further, I’ve invited the incredible Forbes Riley. Forbes is known as the Queen of Pitch. She has grossed more than $2.5 Billion in product sales. A true Renaissance Woman she has starred in tv and movies as an actress. hosted tv shows from ESPN’s X-Games to ABC TV, Discovery Channel and more. Hosted more than 180 infomercials and appeared on QVC for more than 20 years – Diverse, Enlightening and Dynamic- she inspires greatness in herself, but most importantly… in others! 

In this episode, Forbes shares how she has pushed through a number of difficult and terrifying situations, reminding her that not only is she still here, she can’t afford to give up on what she wants. 

Learn how to push through your victim mentality, by downloading this episode now. 

“The funny thing about successful people is that they don’t have to be the brightest bulb in the box; they just want it and they believe they can get it.” 

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  • Life is about experiences. 
  • When you know what you want you can go after it. 
  • Life is different, but it’s always different. 
  • One of the reasons you believe that you can’t do something is because you’ve made the decision to believe it. 
  • We are taught we should have a victim mentality.
  • The funny thing about successful people is that they don’t have to be the smartest people in the room; they just want it and believe they can get it. 
  • There’s a big difference between starting a business and making money. 
  • It is imperative to understand how to pitch. 

“There’s a big difference between starting a business and making money.”

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