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With the massive reach of the Results Radio and Change Your Results! communities, we are inundated with requests and inquiries about sponsorship of our award-winning show. Our objective with sponsors is to ensure that the connection is win, win, win. Our loyal listeners must experience benefits, our partners should benefit and finally, Results Radio also needs to be a part of the win.

With the massive following of Results Radio and Change Your Results!, the inquiries are many, and our criteria for sponsorship are important to the integrity of our show and those who trust us.

There are two 30-second spots on every show, and they run back to back about 15 minutes into the 30-minute show.

We will ensure that your message, product, or service is congruent with the values of Results Radio and Shawn Shewchuk. Our partner’s success is important to us, so please fill out the information below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Please be aware that there is usually a waiting list. The sooner you send in your information, the sooner we can get you set up.