Bruce Buffer – Monetize Your Passion

Find what you’re passionate about and then monetize it.

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Sure, some people get lucky and have overnight success. 

For most of us, though, this is not the case. Success takes work. It takes time. Be prepared. It’s not just an adventure, it’s a journey. 

The most powerful thing you can do is wake up every day to learn. You are in control of your decisions, your failures, and what you learn from them. The moment you stop wanting to be the best at what you’re passionate about, or to move forward and learn from your mistakes, is the day you should find something new to do. The only way to make success sustainable is to embrace the fear and prove to the world that you deserve the things you’re working towards. 

Once you know what it is you’re passionate about, it’s time to take action. Make realistic goals for yourself, analyze your objective, and strengthen your base level as you work your way to the top. We can’t all just jump in and be successful. It takes time, commitment, and realistic, achievable goals that will help you build the pyramid of your life. 

To inspire us further, I’ve brought on a true entrepreneur, announcer, entertainer and motivational speaker, Bruce Buffer. 

Bruce Buffer has been the “Official Voice of the Octagon” for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 1997 and for many other mixed martial arts events worldwide and is recognized internationally as “The Voice of Mixed Martial Arts”. The UFC is seen worldwide on Satellite and Cable TV PPV. He was also on SPIKE TV’s hit series “UFC Unleashed” and “Ultimate Fight Night” and now appears on all FOX network televised UFC events and Pay Per Views viewed by millions worldwide.

In this episode, Bruce encourages us all to dig deep and go after whatever it is we’re passionate about. If you can monetize your passion, you can live the life you deserve.  

Learn how to learn from failure and fight back, by downloading this episode now. 

“I wake up every day to learn.” 

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  • Find what you’re passionate about and then monetize so that you’re not working every day, you’re living the lifestyle.
  • The hardest part is not on the way up, it’s maintaining the success. 
  • Be your own motivator. Don’t let other people judge your success. 
  • Embrace failure. Learn from it. 
  • Recognize who your target market is and work on guerilla marketing. 
  • You have to adapt to the climate of business. You have to adapt to the seasons you’re working in. 
  • Lead by example. Learn how to analyze what you’re doing. 
  • Making excuses is accepting failure. 

You have to adapt to the seasons you’re working in.”

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