Freddy Behin – Achievement vs Fulfillment

You have to add tools to you; you can’t succeed just by sheer willpower.

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It’s about the journey and not the destination. Who you become as a result of whatever it is you are doing, is far more important than the accomplishment itself. 

The most important part of anything you do is to do it for the right reasons. You will always be chasing happiness if you are looking solely for the approval and love of other people. Get to know the person you spend the most time with in your life, yourself. Reevaluate your values as you grow because it’s likely that what was once important to you, is not your priority today. Look at the world around you and ask yourself, what it is that will fulfil you, what is the value you have that the world needs right now, and go towards that.

Once you set your mind to what will fulfill you, you need your skillset to back your willpower. Don’t put yourself in a box; it’s a huge advantage to be multifaceted, you don’t have to be just one thing. Continue to develop and add tools to your skillset, this will make you more valuable and successful.

To inspire us further, I’ve brought on successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach, Freddy Behin. 

Known as the “Leaping Achiever”, Freddy brings a unique approach to personal development by revealing how to literally “Leap” to the next level in all areas of your life, just as he did to become a world-class athlete, successful entrepreneur, and a life-saving doctor. Freddy’s true passion is helping his clients achieve greatness. As a top Peak Performance Coach, Freddy’s expertise is in guiding top business leaders and professionals to higher levels of success and

fulfillment. He is now focused on building customers all over the world that are 100% serious about creating even more success.

In this episode, Freddy encourages us to get to know the person we live with the longest; ourself. 

Learn how to find fulfillment within yourself , by downloading this episode now. 

“You only need one opportunity to make it big.” 

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  • True integrity is about doing what you promised and following through to yourself.
  • Don’t box yourself in. You have different facets to yourself, it’s okay to be more than just one thing.
  • Who you become, as a result of what you’re doing is more important than the accomplishment itself.
  • Don’t be set in old values, reevaluate yourself.
  • Success is a lonely road, you have to be okay with yourself. 
  • Bring in value. Back up your willpower with skill sets.
  • Achievement isn’t fulfillment, don’t do something for the wrong reasons.

“Integrity has been the biggest thing in my life that has allowed me to accomplish things.”

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