Fong Chua: Risk Management

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“If you want to succeed in something it’s best to surround yourself by people who have already succeeded.”  – Fong Chua

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The biggest thing that hold anyone back from getting the success and results they want is fear.

It’s really amazing at how much fear can control us. So many people are afraid to take risks. They are scared they will lose everything, that things won’t happen the way that they want.

But you can’t let fear control you. We take risks every day. When you first started driving it was scary. Every time you get in a car you risk getting in an accident, but it doesn’t hold you back anymore does it?

If you need more help overcoming your fears, here’s a tip: stop hanging out with negative people. Lots of people will give you bad advice, saying not to do something because it could blow up in your face.

Instead, don’t share your ventures with them. Surround yourself by people who are already successful in what you want to do. Question them, take their advice, and run with it.

On this episode of Your Results Radio we are joined by Fong Chua. Fong and his wife are successful real estate investors, are working on their fourth book, and even coach real estate investors.

Download this episode today to hear about his advice on risk management, and how you can get over your fears.

“Without risk there is no growth and no excitement.”  – Fong Chua

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  • You can’t listen to the negative advice from other people.
  • Surround yourself by like minded people for support.
  • Business coaches have been there, and done that.
  • It’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get advice from.
  • If you really want to commit, you have to commit with your funds.
  • Everything you do there is always risk, even going out to dinner.
  • You can’t avoid risk, you have to manage it.
  • Fear will stop you from growing and succeeding.
  • Thought does count for something.
  • Don’t allow fear to overpower you, everyone can overcome it.

“There’s a mindset that information is not valuable unless you are paying for it with a monetary means” – Fong Chua

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