Craig Shah- Your Gifts Are Your Currency

“We’ve forgotten that the most important thing in this life is our inner self.” 

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Believing in yourself can be one of your superpowers. 

I recently came upon some information that said that coaching and consulting will emerge on top as we start to come out of this pandemic. But many of us who are in it might have trouble believing it. Many are losing the drive to keep pushing through. 

As a result, I’m always interested in knowing what my guests would tell someone struggling with hope. And time and time again I’m hearing the same thing: now is the time to believe in yourself. 

All of the amazing leaders of the world are regular people. They’ve all had down days but have succeeded because they’ve lifted themselves up. But lifting yourself up is not the only currency you have. There is power in lifting those up around you as well. There is power in giving back. 

To dive deeper into these concepts, I’ve brought on the very successful and inspiring CEO of Craig Shelly Beverly Hills, Craig Shah.  

Craig Shah is a renowned celebrity designer of fine Jewelry and Swiss watches. He is sought out for his unique fashionable and creative concepts. His greatest passion is to use his creative talent and give back. He has dedicated a great portion of his success for the benefit of children and soldiers. Craig proudly supports A Soldier’s Journey Home, Along Comes Hope and Akshaya Patra. Some of his official time partners are Harvard and Yale for Rivalry on Ice, Cricket All Stars, Beverly Hills Police, IIFA, C-Suite, and PGA tournament amongst many other organizations. Craig is also an active investor and board member of many companies on road to successful exits. Craig lives by his motto: PURPOSE BEFORE PROFIT. 

In this discussion, he powerfully reminds us that our gifts can be our currency. Now is the time to invest in our inner selves.

Download this episode today to learn why now is the perfect time to invest in our inner selves. 

“Money is not the only currency.”

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  • Coach and consulting businesses is going to be one of the top businesses as we emerge from the pandemic. 
  • The power of your own gifts, relationships, and motivational skills are all different forms of your personal currency. 
  • How can you incorporate giving back in your business model? 
  • The key to being financially free is to take some money and invest it in disruptive businesses. Take some risk. Look at those risky opportunities. 
  • Stop trading your hours for dollars. 
  • Technology is on your side today. Use it. 
  • This is your time to invest in yourself. Create your own legacy. 
  • Look for systems that you can duplicate.
  • It’s always good in the end. If it’s not good, it’s not the end. 
  • The power of focus will make you successful. 

“This is your time to invest in yourself. Create your own legacy.”

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