Tricia Benn: The Power of Service and Community in a Crisis

People don’t understand how much they’ve already invested in relationships.

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Though it might not seem like it at first glance, right now more than ever there are opportunities.

We don’t know what changes have happened yet but as we emerge from this pandemic they will become clear to us. Those who stay current and ride the wave of change are going to be the ones that succeed. 

It is imperative to maintain your “business hygiene” through a crisis. 

Be ready to pivot. Meaningfully connect with your community. Make sure you stay aligned with your mission. Figure out what the true need is and how you can serve it. 

On today’s episode, I have brought on an extraordinary community builder, Tricia Benn, to discuss the power of relationships and service. Tricia is a Partner and Executive Vice-President of the C-Suite Network and the General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and investors. 

As an executive within both organizations, her mission is to build a platform and community that accelerates the success of c-level executives. As Global Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and U.S. Managing Director within MDC Partners, a $3 billion global holding company, Benn’s leadership drove double digit growth year-over-year and new contracts with some of the most important impact players in the world. . 

Download this episode so you can reconnect with your community and maintain your “business hygiene.” 

Service is fulfilling a true need and doing so with integrity.

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  • When you combine a great model, with great impact, and great people, you’ll have great success.
  • Right now is the perfect time to look at how you can serve current needs. 
  • Something catastrophic- like a pandemic- levels the playing field. 
  • It is critically important to be authentic with your networking. 
  • Always be mindful about how you’re creating value in an environment.
  • There is no time like the present. 
  • Most people don’t take initiative. 
  • Right now we have an opportunity to create deeper meaningful connections through digital communication. 

“As leaders we have to step in.”

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