Ted Miller III: Are You an Entrepreneur or Just a Manager?

There’s a lot of people out there who call themselves entrepreneurs, but they aren’t. They’re glorified managers.

If you’re doing all of the heavy lifting in your company, and just reacting to circumstances thrown at you, you aren’t a real entrepreneur.

You need to take control of the business, not run the business.

Take the time to lift your head, and look at the larger picture. Work on developing strategy, and playing to your strengths.

You, ultimately, want to have a business where if you disappear for a week or two it will continue to run without any problems.

When you’re integral to the day to day operations, you’re still just working a job.

Being “too busy” is often times really just being inefficient.

To dive further into this, I brought you a very special guest: Ted Miller III.

After working with 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries, Ted Miller IIII has realized there were not 25,000 reasons the business owner would get stuck and stop growing.

Just like you would expect, he heard the same 13 challenges over and over again. Good news is, Ted uncovered distinctions on how to help his client better implement the proven business growth strategies & tactics to grow their business…often double sale in 12 months.

Along the way he was able to partner with many of his mentors, such as Robert Allen, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins and other business titan’s while generating $100MM in revenue through business training, coaching and consulting. He also has his own show, Podcast Business Breakthroughs with Ted Miller III.

Download this episode today to learn how you can be a real entrepreneur and not just a general manager.