Scott Fay – How To Find Your Sweet Spot

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“Lead leaders, not followers.” – Scott Fay

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Being a good leader isn’t about having loyal followers. You’ll just end up surrounded by compliance, and things won’t get done. If you want to be a good leader, lead leaders.

If you’re working on a project, find people that are just as passionate about your projects as you are. They’ll want to lead teams to see it succeed. You’ll be able to make more progress than if you just had someone following your direction.

To really be a leader you don’t want to control the people around you. You want to support them, and nurture them. You want them to feel valuable, and in control. If they feel like they are being controlled, or are too afraid of you to take control they are only going to end up doing just enough to get by.

On this episode of Results Radio we are joined by Scott Fay, author of Discover Your Sweet Spot. He gives amazing insights on how to be a good leader, when you should and shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, and how to identify what’s really a problem in your business.

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“To discover your sweet spot you have to know your purpose.” – Scott Fay

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  • If you can’t wait to retire, you may be doing the wrong thing.
  • Give the same attention to your life that you would your back yard.
  • The exciting part is designing and building.
  • Maintenance is the most important part, but many people neglect it.
  • Good leadership environment is about nurturing, not control.
  • You have to understand who you are and who the people around you are.
  • When on a project, surround yourself with people who believe what you believe for that project.
  • We are often too consider with if we should or not.
  • It’s important to have passion and personal investment in your projects.
  • There’s a difference between small things and petty things.
  • Worry about small things that can grow to be big things.
  • Don’t worry about situations out of your control
  • If you have a problem that money can fix, it’s not a problem.
  • If you want to become more, you have to have a better understanding.
  • Success is the rungs in the ladder for significance.

“True engagement is when we ask and give people the space to explore.” – Scott Fay


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