Roland Frasier: Why Your Story Is A Business

“Everyone has a story or message that others need to hear.”

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The Internet has changed everything.

We now walk around town, with our eyes glued to our smartphone screens. Scrolling through Instagram, checking our Twitter feeds, responding to emails—this is the life of the modern-day human being.

So what does this all mean for your business? The tools to get your message out are more accessible than ever before.

That’s why for today’s episode, I brought on serial entrepreneur—Roland Frasier.

Roland Frasier is the co-founder and/or principal of multiple Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies (e-commerce, e-learning and SaaS). He has founded, scaled or sold two dozen different businesses ranging from digital commerce to consumer products to industrial machine manufacturing. 

In this discussion, he pulls back the curtain on the secrets to success—and how we can access these insights.

Download this episode today to learn how to harness the power within you for abundant success.

“There is limitless opportunity and limitless demand for everything.”

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  • Start each day with the intention you wish to accomplish.
  • Don’t feel limited by the typical modes of making money.
  • You are doing the world a disservice if you don’t share your message or story.
  • Write down the 3 things you wish to accomplish everyday.  
  • Today is the best time to start a business.
  • Find opportunity inside all moments, even the tragic ones.
  • Try to get into how people think vs. what steps you need to do.
  • There is a difference between hearing information and implementing it.
  • Relationships are everything, so allocate time to cultivating them.
  • Partner with the people who excel at the things you don’t like doing.
  • There is no faster way to grow a business than buying another.

“A side hustle is just some other thing that is yours that you can take and turn into a business.”

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