Kevin Harrington: Stop Planning and Start Acting

“If you’re sitting there wondering, is now the right time? I’m going to tell you that it is.” – Kevin Harrington

Act is a verb. It means to move, to make a decision, to exert energy. Acting without a plan might get you into a mess, but always planning and never acting will get you nowhere.

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur and internationally successful businessman. He’s the inventor of the infomercial, an Original Shark on Shark Tank, and has launched over 500 products, $5 billion worth of sales on a global scale. He’s the master of knowing when to act.

Kevin and I are talking about creating products that solve problems, the hard work of getting started, and knowing when to start acting on your ideas. He’s sharing how he created the infomercial, and where he gets his motivation from. Remember all those great product ideas you’ve got? Take some time with what Kevin’s got to say and then act!

“Why do we choose to do these things? Because we’re entrepreneurs and we’re looking for the infinite opportunities” – Kevin Harrington


  • Look at where you are in your development and take it a step as a time.
  • Keep your mind in a position of constant curiosity, you never know when you’re going to have a eureka moment.
  • When you see something that doesn’t make sense to you, be open to coming up with a solution and a product.
  • Act now. Don’t tell yourself that someday in the future you’ll act on your ideas.
  • Truly, sincerely believe you can make it happen, vividly imagine it, and then act upon it.
  • There are multiple forms and degrees of entrepreneurship, depending on how big you want your business to get and how much risk you’re willing to take.
  • Value your time. Make sure that your hard work is paying off enough.
  • Let the things your want and can’t afford motivate you to keep pushing forward.
  • Be careful of shortcuts. Know what you want but be willing to pay your dues to learn how get there.
  • The idea is worth 10%. Acting on it is the other 90%.
  • You need experts to mentor and advise you. Look for people who are the best at what they do and never stop asking them to coach you.

“The cost of a good coach is an investment not an expense” – Kevin Harrington



Act Now!

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