John Arnott Sr.: The Simple Shift to Entrepreneurship

Show Notes:

“People buy the person, they don’t buy the project.” – John Arnott Sr.

Today it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. They think they can take the skills they’ve developed at their J O B and start their own business.

In reality, starting your own business is far more than just working directly with clients. If you’re the one always working on every task of every project, you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re just a freelancer.

To truly be an entrepreneur you need to spend as much time working on your business as you do in your business.

It’s not just enough to know how to do the work – you need to know how to manage others to do the work.

On this episode of Results Radio we are joined by John Arnott Sr. John is 76-year-old entrepreneur who has built his own incredibly successful digital marketing company because, not because he had to but because he wanted to.

He’s learned to take his expertise and turn it into a passionate business that’s designed to help those who need it, and build personal relationships with his clients every step of the way.

John is also the author of the astonishingly informative book: Acquired.

Download this episode today to learn if you have what it takes to make the leap to being a real entrepreneur.

“Risk is not that risky.” – John Arnott Sr.


  • It’s easy to help people with their problems.
  • Being part of your own business will be the most exciting part of your life.
  • Everything that’s happening to you, you have something to do with.
  • Analyze what it is you are passionate about?
  • To grow a business you have to work on the business as well as working in the business.
  • Create a process for not only how you do work, but also how you manage a team to do that work for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal – it’s not just about the money.
  • Building a solid business requires building strong relationships.

“When you are open and honest with people, they begin to trust you.” – John Arnott Sr.


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