Jacki McLenaghan: The Speakers Retreat

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“Every time you are standing on a stage, you have a responsibility to serve.” – Jacki McLenaghan

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The number one fear in the world is public speaking. People fear getting up on a stage more than they do death. How crazy is that?

If you want to be an entrepreneur and business owner you have to learn how to speak. It’s a far better way to make an impact by getting in front of a group, rather than doing it one by one.

No matter what your industry, there’s chances for you to speak and gain more customers.

Unfortunately, however, the only way to get good at it is to actually do it. You can prep for weeks or even months, but without being in front of actual human beings you’ll never truly know what works and what doesn’t.

Luckily there is a safe way to do this, without getting in front of high end clients on your first try. Our guest on today’s special episode of Result Radio is Jacki Mclenaghan. Jacki has created a retreat just for public speaking.

It’s a great way to get up in front of a supportive group, and see what is or isn’t working. You get help from some of the best speakers, and seen by some important agents looking to book speakers as well.

Download this episode today to learn more about public speaking, how to get over your fears, and why you should be getting up on stage today!

“You’re always selling, no matter what.” – Jacki McLenaghan

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  • Try think one to many instead of one to one.
  • We’ve gone from not enough stages to too many platforms.
  • It’s easy to get lost in the noise.
  • Don’t try to be better than anyone else, step out of the sea of sameness.
  • If you position yourself correctly, talking to 10 people can be as powerful as talking to 200.
  • Don’t treat each speaking engagement the same.
  • Speaking to the wrong group can do more harm than good.
  • The only way to know if you’re going to be a good speaker is to get on stage.
  • You should have a signature speech, but you shouldn’t be married to it.
  • For every minute of speech you need an hour of prep.
  • No matter how much you prepare, you won’t know what will work until you get in front of people.
  • You can memorize your speeches in short vignettes that are interchangeable.
  • Study the people you admire, and see what they are doing.
  • Notes can become a crutch and kill your presentation.
  • The biggest key to getting a laugh on stage is having fun up there.
  • When something happens on stage, call it out. It puts the audience at ease.
  • Speaking is about the powerful positive effect you have on other people.
  • It’s impossible to have a possible impact without a positive cash flow.

“Tell a story, make a point.” – Jacki McLenaghan

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Show Notes: YourResultsRadio.com/16