How to Approach Negotiation for Success

“Negotiation is something you do with your life. You’re always negotiating something” – George Ross

No one is born a flawless negotiator. It takes practice and experience to know how to approach negotiations so that you’ll get the best result.

My guest today is expert businessman and negotiator and right hand man and senior counsel for the Trump Organization, George Ross. Along with his own business successes, George has written several books about real estate strategies and expert negotiation skills.

Are you uncomfortable negotiating? Unsure when and how to begin negotiations? Even George Ross says it’s learned skill. He’s talking about how to approach negotiations, what to expect from them, how to think about what you’re opponent’s after.  He’s also getting into risk management and why it takes some losses to become a winner. You won’t want to miss this.

“What is creative marketing other than good negotiation to get the buyer or the seller to accept what you’re trying to buy or sell?” – George Ross


  • We’re always negotiating, no matter what we’re doing in life.
  • Negotiating is getting the best result under the given circumstances. It’s a give and take between two parties.
  • Negotiation is not about what you want. It’s about what the other person wants that maybe you can give them.
  • Personality is a huge part of negotiating. The more people like and trust you, the more they’ll be willing to work with you.
  • Don’t avoid risk, manage it. Balance risk against reward.
  • If you’re always asking yourself, why didn’t I do that? The answer is that you didn’t have the courage.
  • To raise capital, you have to be willing to show investors you’re putting yourself and your own assets at risk also.
  • Going to courses and having coaches is only worth it if you’re willing to go do something with the knowledge you’ve gained.
  • If you win more than you lose, you’ll come out on top.

“The key to success is failure. If you’ve failed, you’ll figure out why you’ve failed and next time you’ll do better.” – George Ross



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