Heather Ramsey: How to Be a Legacy Entrepreneur

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“Listen more deeply, and act more instinctively on what you hear when you listen.”

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I know you’re familiar with the word entrepreneur. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be here. But have you heard of a legacy entrepreneur before?

A legacy entrepreneur essentially takes entrepreneurship a step further. They want to make a lasting impact on the world to make it a better place.

Maybe they want to do something to help the environment, to help those less fortunate, whatever it may be – their charities will outlive them.

On today’s episode of Results Radio, we are joined by an amazing coach and mentor that ONLY works work legacy entrepreneurs: Heather Ramsey.

That’s right, you have to be the cream of the crop if you want her to work with you – as her vision is to help those who are selfless.

She gave some amazing insights on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in any field, and the mindset you need to have to get there.

But what’s even better, is that she explains what you need to do to change your unsuccessful habits so you can get the best from whatever industry you want to enter.

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“I’m highly motivated to truly leave a legacy of a bigger difference.”

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  • It’s always possible to make a change and get rid of bad habits you were taught.
  • Make sure what you do has measurable results that lead towards your legacy.
  • Recognize where you have success cycles and where you have failure cycles.
  • Map out your success criterias.
  • Whatever you want will come easier in the listening still moments and if you are centered.
  • The three game changer words are “On one condition.”


“I live with no regrets.”

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For full show notes and resources for to YourResultsRadio.com/33