Eivind Skjellum: How To Be A Man

“Like a lot of men, we may not act and speak in accordance with our deeper beliefs.”

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Society is shifting.

Today, more than ever before, we see and hear people confused about the big topics: the meaning of work, gender identity, how to be a good person.

It is in this transformational time that we must seek out tools and resources to help guide us towards the anchors of truth.

That’s why for today’s episode, I brought on the one and only—Eivind Skjellum. Eivind is the creator of Reclaim Your Inner Throne, which he founded while in the midst of a profound initiation due to chronic health issues, death of family members and the loss of everything that had given his identity form. He then discovered how to take men on a similar journey in just three months, and with way more support than he himself had.

Eivind is a recognized expert in the field of archetypes and masculine psychology, a true visionary and trailblazer, and a leading figure in burgeoning men’s movement.

In this discussion, he unpacks all things related to masculinity—and how we can find an identity to embody.

Download this episode today to learn how to be man!

“In the moment where I commit to someone else is when I fully take it seriously.”

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  • Many men harbor shame because they haven’t given a positive definition of what that means
  • Without male role models, it’s hard for fathers to give their sons the identity nourishment they need
  • Understand that knowing what your deeper beliefs are is a privilege
  • Accountability locks in when you commit to someone else
  • Ask people you really trust for all the ways you are fake

“I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to truth.”

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