Dr. Ivan Misner: The Biggest Networking Mistakes Most People Make

“The #1 trait of a great networker is a good listener.”

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We all know the importance of networking, but chances are you are doing it wrong.

Networking doesn’t mean you should go out, shake hands with a hundred people, tell them your name, and give them your business card.

That’s not networking – that’s cold calling.

True networking is a giving relationship. It means really making a connection with people and helping them.

Let me give you an example of bad networking. Most people go to a networking event to sell. No one goes to buy. That’s not networking.

You have to go out there, listen to others, and help them. Put them first and they’ll want to help you in return. If you’re not out to put them first you’re going to seem sleazy, pushy, and self centered.

In fact studies have shown that extroverts are the worst people at networking. Introverts show all of the best traits of a great networker. They listen, they care, and they make recommendations.

On this episode of Results Radio we are joined by the great Dr. Ivan Misner. Misner is an expert at networking, and created the largest business network group there is: BNI.

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“Desperation is not referable.”


  • School doesn’t teach networking skills.
  • Networking is not face to face cold calling.
    • This comes off as desperate.
  • Everyone shows up at networking events to sell, no one comes to buy.
  • Introverts are perfect for networking.
  • Do six things a thousand times, not a thousand things six time.
  • Most business people don’t really have a business plan.
  • You have to REALLY know your numbers.
  • Don’t worry about making a bad decision – you will.
  • Mistakes are how you learn and make you stronger.
  • We’ve had so much success for so long that we’ve become complacent.
  • The American dream doesn’t fall from the sky.

“It’s not what you know or who you know, but how well you know each other.”


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