Daniel Puder: Why Impact Is More Important Than Money

“I’ve never failed once in my life. I’ve learned, or I’ve been successful.”

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Anyone can earn a paycheck.

You have to show up to your job, do what’s told of you, and accept the compensation with a smile. It’s an easy recipe to follow, and if we’re not careful—we may just blindly do it for the rest of our lives.

However, on the other side of the fence, exists your passion. Finding it grants you access to making your impact on the world.

That’s why for today’s episode, I brought on the one and only—Daniel Puder—to discuss how to do this. Daniel is an American social entrepreneur, retired professional wrestler and retired mixed martial artist.

In this discussion, he unpacks what’s required to find your purpose, and pursue that without thinking about money.

Download this episode today to learn the tips and tricks to make that possible.

“You’re never your own boss. Your customers are always your boss.”

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  • Choose to make an impact over money or status
  • Because of the Internet, emotional intelligence is more valuable than IQ
  • 50% of the jobs today will not be around in 5-10 years
  • Self-driving cars will reduce traffic and remove the need for stoplights
  • Get good results by empowering your employees with the range to work independently
  • More than vision or purpose, people run on feelings and circumstance
  • Most people spend time thinking about what they don’t have, instead of what they do have

“I don’t want to micro-manage. I want to let people put their vision onto it.”

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