Carmen & Darius Britt: How You Can Achieve Freedom and Do It Faster

“You have to own your own lifestyle or someone else will.” – Carmen & Darius Britt

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Did you know that before world war one there wasn’t nearly as much of an income gap between people? Today the gap between upper class and lower class gets bigger, and the amount of people in the middle is shrinking.

Which side of the gap do you want to be on?

The reason this division started is because of financial education. People in the upper class knew what to do with their money, while the lower class was left in the dark to try and figure out what to do with it.

Most people think they should just put their extra money into a savings account. This is a flaw in a lot of ways.

A savings account yields poor, almost useless, percentages.

And when is the last time you had “extra” money?

If you want to learn the real way to leverage the money you get in every month, you’re in for a real treat this week. We have two experts in the financial field: Carmen & Darius Britt of Wealth Nation.

Wealth Nation was founded because of their passion to share the financial knowledge they’ve learn through their entrepreneurial journey. They quickly realized that this information needed to be shared with the people who need financial education the most; middle class America.

They found our purpose in teaching people how to build wealth and create a legacy.

But, it didn’t start out this way…

They followed the traditional “society standards.” They went to college to get an education.  Climbed the corporate ladder, maintained good credit and invested in retirement accounts/stocks to “get ahead.”

Although they brought home six figures in income, they never felt satisfied with their financial state, so they started a side hustle investing in real estate.

In 2015, they quickly grew a successful real estate investment business buying distressed properties and flipping them for a profit. After being immersed in that industry, they learned about creative financing through their investors and how the wealthy transact business.

This opened their minds to another world, all the while wondering why others weren’t aware of this vitally important information.

After gaining extensive knowledge from their wealthy investors, they discovered that the rules that apply to the middle class, don’t apply to the upper class.

They decided to create a community to share our knowledge. They want to build an environment where clients don’t have to work harder or get involved with risky investments to improve their financial lifestyle.

They also want to provide supplemental education, exchange best practices and create investment opportunities. Thus, Wealth Nation was born.

Download this episode now to learn all about how you too can be financial smart, and build a legacy that will last.

“The reason a lot of people haven’t heard about this is because the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.” – Carmen & Darius Britt

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  • You can have a 4.5% compound interest while still having the ability to borrow from it at your leisure.
  • Instead of a savings account, a Whole Life Insurance policy is a better way to go.
  • Save 10% of what you make every month.
  • Always be aware of all of the money that passes through your hands every month.
  • If we don’t have a savings, when an emergency happens we have to go into debt. “”
  • Just because you can’t be insured, doesn’t mean you can’t insure other people in your family.
  • Financial education became segments around WW1.
  • You never lose your money until you lose control of it.
  • Make sure you know if a product is really good for you.
  • You have to own your own lifestyle or someone else will.
  • Find an educator that is willing to help you no matter what their financial impact will be.
  • Some advisors get paid whether you will or lose.
  • The decisions you make determine your outcome.

“It’s a good rule of thumb to manage your money.” – Carmen & Darius Britt

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