Shawn Shewchuk

40: Daniel Puder: Why Impact Is More Important Than Money
/ April 11, 2019 0 COMMENTS
“I’ve never failed once in my life. I’ve learned, or I’ve been successful.” (click to tweet) Anyone can earn a paycheck. You have to show up to your job, do what’s ...
38: Dr. Timothy Hayes: Stepping Into The Moment With Direct Observation
/ December 26, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“Blame has never led to a productive or constructive resolution to a problem.” (click to tweet) We can feel negative emotions coursing through our veins. Anger, fear, sadness—when we ...
37: Tanya Dube: The Importance of Conversations and High Trust Relationships
/ September 17, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“We are nothing if we don’t have good relationships with other people.” (click to tweet) Sometimes we let people into our life because we feel forced to. Sometimes it’s because they are ...
36: Carmen & Darius Britt: How You Can Achieve Freedom and Do It Faster
/ July 30, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“You have to own your own lifestyle or someone else will.” – Carmen & Darius Britt (Click to Tweet) Did you know that before world war one there wasn’t nearly as much of an ...
33: Heather Ramsey: How to Be a Legacy Entrepreneur
/ June 4, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“Listen more deeply, and act more instinctively on what you hear when you listen.” (Click to Tweet) I know you’re familiar with the word entrepreneur. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be ...
32: Mark Kenny: How to Become and Educated Investor
/ May 21, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“Real Estate, without a doubt is the best investment. Everybody needs a place to live.” (Click to Tweet) Have you wanted to invest in Real Estate, but you’re worried about the risks in ...
31: Ted Miller III: Are You an Entrepreneur or Just a Manager?
/ May 7, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“Every overnight success has ten years of work behind it.” (Click to Tweet) There’s a lot of people out there who call themselves entrepreneurs, but they aren’t. They’re glorified ...
30: Ryan Long – How to Master Your Field and Overcome Adversity
/ April 23, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“You have to become a bigger, stronger version of yourself.” (Click to Tweet) I get so many people telling me how hard it is to get started. That things don’t just come easy for them ...
29: Greg Reid: How to Properly Use the Law of Attraction
/ April 9, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“It’s the action in the law of attraction that makes our dreams come true.” – Greg Reid (Click to Tweet) One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Shawn, I’m just starting ...
27: Darren Jacklin: Building Business Relationships in Person
/ March 12, 2018 0 COMMENTS
“I don’t compete, I just dominate the space.” – Darren Jacklin (Click to Tweet) Many people want to hide behind a computer and get rich. That’ll only get you so far. The truth is ...
20: Dr. Ivan Misner: The Biggest Networking Mistakes Most People Make
/ December 4, 2017 0 COMMENTS